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Generic Drugs

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Generic Drugs

Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Lead Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
All Instruments and Production: Loney John Hutchins
Background Vocals: Loney John Hutchins

About the Song

If you want to fully understand what this song is about, I’ve provided information links as well as an interview with Sarah Rimmington, an attorney with the Access to Medicines Project in Washington, D.C.

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When I got the idea for the song, I wanted common sense lyrics that anybody could relate to, but ones that would still apply to the situation of the poor and sick in the developing world. I wanted to portray the feelings of powerlessness and disbelief upon realizing you’re going to die because the richest country on the planet is working to deny your country a cheaper medicine.

I admit I had mixed feelings about writing an upbeat, catchy tune depicting such an injustice. I am, however, a big believer in the power of satire. I thought there was an important irony in having such a fun melody stuck in your head about a horrific situation that most of us know nothing about.

This is not to say that we can’t relate. The problems within our own healthcare system are quite shameful. In fact, many listeners have either mistaken the song to be about the U.S. market or have been quite receptive to the message because of their own bad experiences with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Having said that, I hope anyone who hears this song will get involved and show solidarity with those sick and suffering in far worse conditions.

If You Want The Song

No matter whether you donate to the site or merely download the song for free, I ask that you at least visit the Access to Medicines Project and consider getting involved. I wrote the song to help raise awareness. Its success will depend upon the amount of people it reaches and their action taken. If anything, help spread the word and pass on the info and/or song to those around you.

Because it is my foremost concern that the songs on this site be circulated, you are welcome to download this song for free. I ask only that you give back by learning more about this situation and seriously consider getting involved. Your interest in this issue is more important than how much you can spare to give.

If you appreciate the work being done here and can help out, you are welcome to give what you like in a single donation or you can sustain this work with a yearly 5 dollar donation (hell, that’s cheaper than buying me lunch once a year). In either case, any help is greatly appreciated.

Remember, the song is free and the only thing that will keep this project going is you. The site is neither supported by grants nor paid advertising. While it may be a labor of love, it is still labor.